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Vicary Savanna Goats - Welcome to our page.
We are a small, family owned business located near Logan, Iowa, which is northeast of Omaha, Nebraska.  We have owned goats for nearly 20 years, but bought our first full blood Savanna buck in 2007 and were so happy with his offspring that we purchased more Savannas the following year.  Since then, we have tried to improve our stock and have bought several more full blood savanna goats.   
Savanna goats are very adaptable. We live in a part of the United States that is bitter cold in the winter with hot, humid summers. We have found that the Savannas adapt very well to our extreme weather.  This spring has been exceptionally wet and cold.  Our goats including the new kid crop did very well.
Since we have to purchase all of our feed, we do not give our goats much grain.  The does are given only a small amount, (about three pounds per 50 head), as a way to mix in added diatomaceous earth, which seems to help keep the fly population under control.  We do not give any more grain than that to the does, even during late pregnancy and lactation.  The does perform well and their kids have good weaning weights.
The Savanna goat was developed in South African using natural selection, under harsh conditions.  They were first imported to the United States in the late 1990s.   They are large framed, extremely well muscled white goats with black skin pigmentation.  Savanna goats are very adaptable and have very good mothering skills with good milk production.  The kids grow fast.
As we move into a larger herd of higher percentage Savanna goats, we offer a limited number of percentage does and doelings for sale each year.  We plan to begin selling full blood doelings in the future.  We also offer a limited number of full blood and percentage bucks and bucklings for sale each year.  
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our goats.

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